Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I love General Conference!

We just had general conference and I love General Conference. It is a forum where church leaders give talks and words of inspiration and instruction. One of my favorite talks was given by a woman who I'm not as familiar with. I believe her name is Jean Kent, but I could have that wrong. Her talk was about children and how the Savior used them as the example of who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. At one point she said, if life and pain have dimmed your faith and testimony, look to your children and their example for strength. I thought of my children, and tears came to my eyes.

Just the other day I was reading some illustrated bible stories to them and we were reading about Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. When Jesus finally arrived at Lazarus's house he had been dead 4 days. His sister Mary was so distraught at his death, and knowing that Jesus could have saved him from his sickness, fell at Jesus feet weeping. Jesus, so overcome with her emotions started crying himself. At this point Belle jumped up and ran to get her stuffed dog which she put on top of the picture of Mary. Confused I asked her what she was doing. She said she was giving her puppy to Mary because she was so sad. I would love to feel that kind of empathy for people.

Another night we read about Satan and people who listened to him and about why God gives us commandments. We talked about how commandments are meant to help people feel happy because then they won't listen to Satan, who wants us to be sad and angry. In their innocence and sincerity the girls said, "I will Not Ever listen to Satan. I will Always follow Heavenly Father." I smiled as I reminisced about 30 years ago when I had the same conviction. While I have tried to live the best life I know how, no one is perfect! I thought of their future and how much more secure and confident their attitude right now is compared to mine. I long for that conviction again. Children truly can give us strength through example when life has dimmed our faith.

I love catching Brian listening to conference in his car. I'll use his car to run a quick errand, and conference will be sounding from the radio. Inevitably I listen to it and come away feeling a little more inspired and peaceful in my heart. I like that feeling. Makes me wonder why I don't do it myself! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Girls' First Haircuts

Belle's First Hair Cut Ever

Ok, so in this picture it's pretty cute, but by the time we got to Utah, my sister Kacey kept hiding scissors behind her back, and raising them to the mullet when I wasn't looking. (She literally did that!) When she broke down and started begging I caved in. The result?...

Much more streamline. Satisfied Kacey? I have to keep dresses on her for the time being. No reason.

What a cutie!!!

Don't worry Belle, it will grow out... maybe. I love you.

Eliza's First Professional Haircut

Eliza literally started a trend with her first professional haircut. Her cousins went and got their hair cut the same day. She held so still, and was so good, I'm still proud of her!

We love our girls!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Titan's Before and After

Here's Titan's before. Cute little hairy little monster.
Hmmm... not quite...

After. Now that's better. Seriously, how cute is that face!

Who is that guy?!?

So, when he came home from his first hair cut, $80 later I was not impressed. I took some scissors and clippers to it myself, and I think the hack job I did is worth at least $80. $80!!!! I could Not believe it. Won't make that mistake again.

Ok allow me to make a disclaimer. Now I know there are those out there who spend that much or more and love the hair cut. To you I say, if you like it it's worth it and more power to you. But seriously, does anyone know where forehead went? Eliza is looking for him.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Funny Dress-ups / Belle's post

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Belle sends her love.
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Monday, August 17, 2009

Eliza's Fish Story

Here is the much requested first fishing trip with Eliza and her daddy. (Sorry it took so long Ashlyn, but I hope it's worth it.)

Brian took Eliza fishing to the lake by our house. She absolutely loved it and had quite an unforgettable experience. So, there they were, fishing and having a great time, when Eliza caught a catfish that almost broke her line. Well, she and daddy weren't the only ones with their eyes on that fish. As they reeled it in, they realized they had some competition.

Check out that form!

That's right, a 3 foot water moccasin thought he might get in on the action. Needless to say, this was not this fish's lucky day! Brian, ever the closet field reporter, got some great shots of it. Eliza wanted to reel it in and bring it home, but dad thought the wiser of it and cut the line. Amazingly, the snake let go and the fish swam away! Well, I'm not sure if Eliza will ever have another fish story like it, but at least we have the proof for THIS fish story!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Titan the mighty hunter.

This is Titan at 3 months when he came home. He's outside playing with Meow. They really get along. Did I mention he loves cats?
Ok, time for something new. We got a dog. An Australian Labradoodle named Titan. I LOVE HIM!!!! He is about as perfect as dogs come. He's beautiful too. He, at 5 months, is potty trained, doesn't chew everything up, will stop midstride while barreling toward a child and turn the other direction when we tell him to, and doesn't shed. The hardest thing about this dog is keeping him from looking too sissy. He just got his first hair cut and I had to take some scissors to it when he got home. Oh, I haven't mentioned the best part yet. HE LOVES HUNTING!
Let me back up. The one stipulation for getting a dog was to get a hunting companion for Brian. I required a non shedding house companion. There aren't that many possibilities for non shedding house companion hunters out there, but among these are poodles. Since Brian would rather wear women's underwear than own a poodle, that didn't seem a likely option. At first I didn't like labradoodles (ugly, new breed, didn't know what you'd end up with etc.) When I finally softened my heart toward them, and found the australian labradoodles, I fell in love. Hence the other tribute post. As I searched for one for our family, Brian made me promise to give him the last say on his looks. I agreed, and we found Titan. He comes from Sunsethills Labradoodles, and I didn't think he would have what it takes for hunting. They don't specialize in hunters. We had another puppy we were looking at that had more hunting back ground, but his quality wasn't quite on the same level, and according to Brian, he didn't look as cool as Titan. Long story short he came and he loves hunting.
We took him to the trainer last week end, and he told us he's never seen a dog from this breed hold his head and his tail so high when retrieving a bird. And, on the first attempt in his life to retrieve a bird, he BROUGHT IT BACK! I'm still riding the high from this success. I staked my whole credibility on anything with poodle as well as my marital happiness (where animals are concerned) on this guy hoping he would hunt. I have to admit, I had some serious doubts myself. He is a shining success so far, and I couldn't be more pleased and grateful. Love him.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Our latest excitement

These are some puppies we have been looking at. They are genuine ASD Australian Labradoodles from His Acre Labradoodles. Aren't they adorable?
So, we have been looking into dogs. Brian wants a fierce hunting dog, and I want a great NON SHEDDING family dog. While a poodle is the obvious choice to completely and totally satisfy both of these requirements, I just can't figure out why he has a problem with them! Seriously, what can beat up a poodle?

He loves labs but, no offense to lab owners everywhere, they are usually dumb as oxes, are riddled with expensive health problems, and are way too active. I knew a lab puppy that broke a titanium plate in his broken leg at a vet's office I once worked for. TITANIUM!!!!!!!!! (Not an excessive use of the exclamation point.) Though I love my husband, I don't know if the strength of my love could withstand a lab.

Then the perfect marriage. A labradoodle! Sissy name I grant you, but a dog showing a lot of promise. Then the Rossi family got one, and since I want to be Mel when I grow up, I started looking into them. I was very impressed with what I researched, and I found a breeder that I respected and felt confident about. Her name is Catherine Hardin of His Acre Labradoodles in San Marcos.

To make a long story short, we found a puppy that we loved. Unfortunately for us, she was so good that she was taken to be used for breeding, so we weren't able to have her. She is the brown one I am holding. The little white one is another one we were considering, but we opted to wait for the next litter due in April instead.
I'm getting very excited. They will be ready to go in June so I will definitely keep you posted.
Ok, my top 10 reason's for wanting a labradoodle, and specifically an ASD Australian labradoodle are as follows:
1. They are guaranteed not to shed.
2. They are excellent with children.
3. They come from retrievers as their base (labs and poodles) and ASD Australian labradoodles also have Irish water spaniels infused into their bloodlines.
4. They are happy and active out door, but more calm and docile indoors,
5. They have been bred to be more intuitive, intelligent, and observant.
6. They excel at obedience and training. (A little training and instruction goes a long way.)
7. They breed true (you know basically what you are going to get) and are a young breed, so they don't have all the health problems (no expensive unexpected medical bills down the road).
8. They don't get that big. (The tallest, standard, are about 2 feet at the shoulders.)
9. The ladies who founded them had a purpose and knew what they were doing. (Research Tegan Park and Rutland Manor.)
10. They don't shed! (Can you guess what I like the most?)
Just incase you're interested in who's who in the pictures, the top white puppy is a cute little boy from the litter. He's just for fun. The two brown puppies I am holding are the same puppy, and the second white one is the beautiful girl we were considering. Ok, like I said in my profile, more information than anyone might ever want to know....